Privacy Policy

The privacy and safety of our Subscribers is of paramount concern at Although most subscription services like ours generate most of their revenue by allowing advertisements on their sites or by selling data about their subscribers, does neither, and never will.

We do not track or record data about you or your usage of this site beyond the minimum information we need to provide our services to you, which is your name, email address, office address, phone number, password, and the occasional note about any service preferences or customizations.

We likewise do not record or store any payment details or other financial information. We instead invoice our Subscribers and receive payment by check or electronic means, or we use PayPal in which a credit-card transaction is conducted entirely on PayPal’s systems, and we receive only a confirmation and associated email address.

The only exception to the above is that when you access our website, some technological information is also communicated such as your IP Address (your public numerical location on the internet) and your browser version which we use to ensure our systems are providing you with the best possible service. However, we do not record even this data about you in any form that could be used to readily identify you, nor do we retain such metrics for very long, not more than 30 days in most cases. (Please also see our Cookie Policy for additional information.)

Most importantly to ensure your privacy, we do not sell or make any information about you available to advertisers, marketers, or any other third parties. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at or 888‑675‑6213.