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Season 4, Episode 8


Applying § 101(10A) and Lanning, income received during the “gap” period in current monthly income is not captured for unsecured creditors by the projected disposable income test.

(Please also see Bankruptcy Workshop Season 4, Episode 6 “ASSETS, INCOME, VESTING, MODIFICATION AND THE FIVE Bs” immediately below this video.)

In re Gosch, No. 20-13871 TBM, 2021 WL 1198153 (Bankr. D. Colo. Mar. 26, 2021) (McNamara).

Please also see the following sections of Lundin On Chapter 13.

§ 92.2    Projected Disposable Income: All Debtors

§ 92.3    Current Monthly Income: The Baseline

Season 4, Episode 6


What assets and/or income can a Chapter 13 trustee capture to increase payments to unsecured creditors by motion to modify after confirmation under § 1329? Burgie, Barbosa, Black, Berkley and Barrera: Assets, income, property of the estate, vesting, and modification after confirmation – it couldn’t be a bigger mess.

In re Barbosa, 235 F.3d 31 (1st Cir. 2000) (Torruella, Selya, Casellas).

In re Berkley, 613 B.R. 547 (9th Cir. BAP 2020) (Faris, Brand, Taylor).

In re Black, 609 B.R. 518 (9th Cir. BAP 2019) (Faris, Brand, Hercher).

In re Burgie, 239 B.R. 406 (9th Cir. BAP 1999) (Bufford, Ryan, Klein).

In re Barrera, 620 B.R. 645 (Bankr. D. Col. 2020) (Brown).

Please also see the following sections of Lundin On Chapter 13.

§ 120.3    11 U.S.C. § 1327(b): Vesting Effect on Property of Estate

§ 122.2    Windfalls, Inheritances, Lotteries and the Like

§ 126.2    Application of Tests for Confirmation

§ 126.3    Does Disposable Income Test Apply?

§ 126.6    Modification after Confirmation after BAPCPA

§ 127.9    To Increase Payments to Creditors

§ 143.2     In Cases Filed after October 22, 1994

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