§ 55.1     Quick Action Is Essential
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In many jurisdictions, Chapter 13 cases move quickly, and creditors must move quickly or rights will be lost. The key events—the meeting of creditors, the hearing on confirmation, the deadline for filing proofs of claim—all typically happen between 30 and 140 days after the filing.1 Failure of a creditor to assert its rights timely and in the appropriate manner is usually fatal. Creditors must have efficient internal procedures that engage immediately upon notice of filing of a Chapter 13 case, particularly if the matter is to be usefully referred to counsel.


1  Slightly longer in jurisdictions that delay confirmation, see § 216.1 [ Timing of Hearing on Confirmation ] § 115.1  Timing of Hearing on Confirmation before BAPCPA, and with respect to governmental creditors, see § 276.1 [ Governmental Units ] § 132.3  Governmental Units.