§ 39.5     11 U.S.C. § 1303: Rights and Powers of Debtor
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This cryptic section gives the Chapter 13 debtor exclusive rights and powers to use, sell and lease property of the estate under § 363.1 This section may be more important for what it doesn’t say—it does not reference any other section of the Bankruptcy Code that would be available to a trustee under Chapter 7 or to a debtor-in-possession under Chapter 11. There has been much litigation of the rights of Chapter 13 debtors to use powers granted by sections of the Code that are not referenced in § 1303.2


1  See § 44.1 [ Debtor Has Exclusive Control of Estate Property ] § 45.1  Debtor Has Exclusive Possession and Control of Estate Property.


2  See, e.g, § 53.1 [ Strong-Arm Powers, Statutory Liens, Preferences and Fraudulent Conveyances ] § 50.3  Strong-Arm Powers, Statutory Liens, Preferences and Fraudulent Conveyances, discussing the debtor’s authority in avoidance actions.