§ 36.9     Schedule B—Personal Property
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Schedule B to Official Bankruptcy Form 6 requires the debtor to list all personal property of whatever kind, again giving a description and location of the property, indicating whether the property is owned separately, with a spouse, jointly or as community property. For each item of personal property, the debtor is required to list a current market value without deduction for any security interest or claim of exemption. If the debtor has substantial household goods and personal effects, counsel can avoid problems from creditors or from the trustee by attaching a detailed list with a separate value for each item. Most commercially available software for use with the Electronic Case Filing (ECF) system provides continuation sheets for this purpose. This may be required if the debtor claims exemptions in household goods or personal effects on Schedule C to Official Bankruptcy Form 6,1 especially if the amount of exemptions claimed is close to the limits under applicable law.


Schedule B lists 35 specific categories of personal property that must be listed if owned by the debtor, with the last one being “other personal property of any kind not already listed.” Counsel should consider reading to the debtor each kind of personal property listed on Schedule B in hopes of jogging the debtor’s memory.2 Schedule B runs the gamut from cash on hand to firearms, hobby equipment, airplanes, patents, animals—every conceivable form of personal property must be listed. The total current market value of the debtor’s personal property is entered on the last page of Schedule B and carried to the Summary of Schedules.


1  See § 35.4 [ Schedule C—Exemptions ] § 36.10  Schedule C—Exemptions.


2  See also § 27.1 [ Use of Preinterview Forms ] § 29.1  Use of Preinterview Forms for the use of preinterview forms.