§ 35.9     Bankruptcy Rule 1007: Lists, Statements and Schedules
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Bankruptcy Rule 1007 details the lists, statements, and schedules that must be filed by a Chapter 13 debtor. Principal among these are the schedules in Official Bankruptcy Form 6,1 the Statement of Financial Affairs in Official Bankruptcy Form 72 and the statement of current monthly income in Official Form B22C.3 If the debtor is engaged in business, questions 19 through 25 in Official Bankruptcy Form 7 must also be answered.4 Bankruptcy Rule 1007(f) requires every Chapter 13 debtor to file Official Bankruptcy Form 21 to verify the debtor’s social security number or to certify that the debtor does not have a social security number.


Bankruptcy Rule 1007(b) contains other filing requirements with various filing deadlines: copies of payment advices received within 60 days of the petition;5 any record of an interest in an education individual retirement account;6 a statement of completion of the required prebankruptcy briefing;7 a statement of completion of a personal financial management course;8 and, if an exemption is claimed under § 522(b)(3)(A), a statement to satisfy § 522(q).9 Many important time limits for filing necessary documents are fixed by this Rule.10