§ 10.7     Trust Is Not Eligible, but Trustee May Be Eligible
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A trust is not an individual and is not eligible for Chapter 13 relief.1 If the trustee is an individual with regular income, the trustee may be eligible.2


When an individual debtor is also a trustee, counsel must be careful to sort out and segregate the assets, liabilities and incomes of the two entities. If there is property in trust titled in the name of the individual debtor as trustee, the legal title must be scheduled by the debtor with appropriate notation of the limited nature of the debtor’s interest.3 If the individual debtor receives income in trust for beneficiaries, the filing of Chapter 13 by the trustee may protect the debtor’s legal title to the trust income, but the equitable interests in the trust income do not become property of the Chapter 13 estate.4


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