§ 36.28     Cover Sheet
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Although the 1991 changes to Official Bankruptcy Form 1 included merging the petition with the bankruptcy cover sheet, by local rule or practice some jurisdictions still require a special cover sheet to accompany the Chapter 13 petition. Typically, the cover sheet contains a summary of information contained elsewhere in the petition or schedules to include the following: the debtor’s name and address; the total amount of priority, secured and unsecured debt; the value of real and personal property; the amount or percentage of proposed payment to unsecured claim holders; the name and address of the debtor’s employer; and the name, address and phone number of the debtor’s counsel. The cover sheet is used for quick reference by the clerk’s office and facilitates preparation of reports required by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts. Current Official Form 6 contains a Statistical Summary of Certain Liabilities and Related Data,1 used by the clerk to obtain information needed to comply with 28 U.S.C. § 159.


A supply of blank cover sheets is usually available from the clerk’s office. Of course, if the court has adopted Electronic Case Filing (ECF), a paper cover sheet will not be required.


1  See § 35.10 [ Schedules I and J—Income and Expenditures ] § 36.16  Schedules I and J—Income and Expenditures.